Brown McFarlane was one of the first steel distributors in Europe to be awarded ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system which seeks to lessen the impact of the business on the environment and to actively work to improve it. The company submits itself to an annual inspection by external auditors to ensure that standards are maintained and the certification is retained. We have found that investing the time to ensure our systems comply with ISO 14001 has also provided very direct benefits to our organisation.

The environmental management system is focussed on six key objectives:

  1. Achieve and maintain ISO 14001 certification.
  2. Reduce the environmental impact of the offices.
  3. Reduce noise impact.
  4. Reduce waste steel.
  5. Save energy.
  6. Continual improvement and training

Just a few examples of our success at the Stoke operation so far include:

  • Re-organising the storage of our steel to reduce crane movements which has resulted in a reduction of 33% in the energy consumed to run the cranes.
  • Changing the configuration of the switching mechanism for the lighting in the warehouse allowing lights to be used in the right places at the right times with savings of hundreds of pounds per week.
  • Management of waste has resulted in 1500 kg of paper, 1500 kg of plastic, and 1250 kg of cardboard being recycled in a two year period instead of being dumped in land-fill sites.
  • In a two year period 3000 tonnes of carbon steel scrap has been recycled along with 200 tonnes of carbon steel dross.

For the benefit of all stakeholders in the business and the wider community Brown McFarlane is committed to making all of its business units as environmentally friendly as possible.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO14001 Environmental Management Click below or on the thumbnail to download our ISO 14001 certificate in a PDF format.

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