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High quality steel plates, strategically located to service our customers and markets worldwide with genuine ex-stock delivery times.

Positioned in the heart of the port of Antwerp, Brown McFarlane’s steel storage and distribution facility can hold up to 5,000 tonnes of steel plate with stock dimensions up to 12,000 mm x 3,000 mm. Non-standard sizes including plates that are very long, very wide, or very heavy can all be handled with ease. As might be expected in a major international port Brown McFarlane has extensive material handling options to move its steel plates in the most efficient manner ensuring prompt shipments of steel in pristine condition. Steel can be unloaded from, or loaded on to, flat bed trailers, curtain side trucks, containers, and rail bogies.  The Antwerp warehouse is home to our range of CarElso Premium+ HIC resistant steel plates.

The port of Antwerp is one of Europe’s biggest sea ports and its docks are connected to the hinterland by road, rail, and inland waterway. The port offers liner services to hundreds of different maritime destinations. It is therefore the ideal home for a steel distributor and Brown McFarlane fully exploits the opportunities to ship steel plates to deep sea locations, to destinations on the European mainland, and back to the U.K.

Brown McFarlane’s Antwerp operation gives benefits in terms of storage, handling, and distribution to customers, suppliers, and Group subsidiary companies around the world.

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