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Brown McFarlane supplies stainless steel for a major public art commission.

Founded in 1889, Brown McFarlane has over one hundred years’ experience in processing and distributing steel plate. Throughout those years, the company has built up a strong reputation for providing steel plate to the oil, mining and energy market sectors. However, Brown McFarlane provides steel plate for a range of purposes covering all industries.

Brown McFarlane recently worked with the arts industry and provided the stainless steel for a major public art commission. The commissioned piece, funded partially by the Arts Council England, will coincide with a major sports event held in London this summer. The artwork will take centre stage in a recently developed 500-acre East London park and will involve ten rings being strategically positioned in a selection of the park’s largest trees.

(Image Source: Ackroyd & Harvey)

Designed by the renowned British artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, the ‘mapping the park’ artwork will act as a permanent reminder of the historic event. Ackroyd & Harvey discuss the concept behind the commissioned piece:


“A tree marks time. This artwork will grow year by year, transform as the seasons change, reflecting the evolving nature of the Olympic Park. These trees embrace metal rings which have been engraved with a record of the site’s history, held in the branches for successive decades to come”

The trees (Red Oak, Silver Lime and Common Ash) were originally planted in October 2011 in anticipation of the artwork. Last month, Brown McFarlane was on hand to see the artwork being positioned into place.

The bespoke rings were individually manufactured from either; phosphor bronze or stainless steel. Over time, the 18 metres tall trees and the steel rings will fuse together and change with the seasons. Part of this change will see the rings themselves change colour over time. Weighing up to half-a-tonne and six metres in diameter, the rings have been individually engraved with text to encapsulate the local area.

  • For further information regarding the commissioned artwork please visit: Ackroyd and Harvery

Brown McFarlane is proud to be involved with such a momentous project which will be seen by visitors to London from all across the Globe. The art will add cultural value to the local area and will forever represent a historic moment in time.

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