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DSA 2012 Round Up

The following blog post is a follow up from our previous blog post on DSA 2012.

This year’s Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition and conference was a smash hit. The four day event ran from 16th – 19th April at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The exhibition showed off the latest technologies from the defence services sector and was defined as:

‘A display of the world’s most sophisticated hardware and electronic warfare equipment in land, air and sea defence, battlefield healthcare products and technology, training and simulation systems, and police and security peripherals’.

We’ve put together a quick round-up of DSA 2012 for those who were unable to attend the event:

    • Altogether, 826 different companies, representatives, and agencies from across the world participated in the four day exhibition.
    • Approximately 25,000 trade visitors from over 58 countries attended.
    • Over 280 delegations from 35 different nations visited.
Youtube: Armyreco

DSA Exhibition Highlights

A big highlight of the event was the live demonstration from the Malaysian armed forces. The spectacular show attempted to replicate a hostage recovery situation utilising land, sea and air.

Youtube: Armyreco

At the entrance to the building, a well-known air defence company set up a full scale replica of a Eurofighter Typhoon jet. VIP guests were among the fortunate lucky few who were allowed inside the fighter jet. A few of them even managed to capture the special moment through ‘Top Gun’ inspired photos before posting them live on Twitter.

Inside, 40,000 square metres of the Putra World Centre was packed out with exhibitors and visitors. This year’s DSA was the largest so far since the first exhibition in 1986.

Exhibitors were eager to demonstrate their individual excellence. Throughout the day Twitter became flooded with photos as visitors to the event wanted to share the latest defence technologies with all of their friends.

DSA Exhibition Stand

The Brown McFarlane & Miilux Oy exhibition stand before the start of the event.

Miilux Oy and Brown McFarlane

One company that demonstrated their excellence during DSA 2012 was Miilux Oy (part of the Miilukangas Group). The company manufactures Protection 500 steel which is designed for human protection.

Brown McFarlane and Miilux Oy working together to provide an excellence in armour plate.

DSA 2012 provided the perfect opportunity for Miilux Oy to strengthen their business relationship with the Brown McFarlane Group (a leading distributor, processor, and trader of steel plate). The two leading steel companies, working together, are distributing Protection 500 steel to the Asian markets.

Brown McFarlane and Miilux Oy were able to highlight to the exhibition visitors why they’re considered a leading armour plate supplier. Brown McFarlane (specialist steel plate supplier) offers a wide range of Miilux armour plate directly from stock in Singapore and Dubai.


DSA 2012 Conclusion

This year’s Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition and conference exceeded the expectations of everyone who attended. Ultimately, new technologies were revealed and new business relationships were formed. It’s now time to start planning for DSA 2014.

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