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Stoke City FC and Brown McFarlane Partnership

Brown McFarlane, a global steel stockholder and distributor, have been located in Stoke-on-Trent since 1983. As, a Global steel distributor we have locations around the World (including; Singapore, U.A.E and Belgium).

In 1991, we transformed our Stoke-on-Trent location into our Global head offices. The City of Stoke-on-Trent, to this day, remains at the heart of the organisation.

Stoke-on-Trent is steeped in history, the City dates back to AD 48 when the Romans first marched into the County of Staffordshire. Over time, Stoke became influential for its pottery, mining and steel industries.

The steel industry and the City have been closely linked throughout history. The hardworking nature of the City has naturally been embedded into our business. The motto of Stoke-on-Trent is Vis Unita Fortior which can be translated into English as United Strength is Stronger.

At Brown McFarlane we view ourselves as a representative of the City on the World stage. We are proud of the City and we are proud that Brown McFarlane operates from within it.

Premier League Football Sponsorship

In August 2011, we announced that Brown McFarlane was appointed the official club partner of Stoke FC for the 2011/12 football season.

Brown McFarlane and Stoke City FC
Brown McFarlane and Stoke City FC

The steel industry is completely different to the world of football but the partnership was certainly fitting for both sides. Brown McFarlane (founded in 1889) and Stoke City FC (founded 1863) are both underpinned by a very similar principle:

The continuous development of our people and systems’.

In the past 10 years, Stoke City FC has worked hard to cement their position at top flight football. It is an accomplishment that has been achieved through the clubs hard work and the development of their staff and players. Stoke City fans would probably agree that the past few seasons has seen some of the most exciting bits of football that has ever been played.

Last season Stoke City lost marginally in the FA Cup final to Manchester City at Wembley. However, this enabled them to gain an all important place in the UEFA Europa league this season. The last time the club played in the UEFA Cup competition was the 1974/75 season. The club now faces strong competition from domestic and international football teams. Stoke City are certainly ready for that challenge.

Britannia Stadium Brown McFarlane
Brown McFarlane advertising board at the Britannia Stadium

Football fans of the Premier League would have certainly noticed the yellow Brown McFarlane signs around the Britannia Stadium. If you haven’t already seen them, next time Stoke City are playing at the Britannia Stadium keep an eye out for the advertising boards located behind the goals, along the touch line and within the stands.

With Stoke City now playing teams from across Europe at the Britannia stadium it provides the perfect exposure that Brown McFarlane seeks. Potentially, the signs are visible to billions of people as Premier League matches are broadcast around the world. Within the UK, the advertising signs have gained exposure through Sky Sports, Match of Day and prime time news channels.

Brown McFarlane Africa (Pty) Ltd

At Brown McFarlane, we have plenty of football fans in our offices across the world however that doesn’t make us experts in football. We prefer to focus on what we know and that’s steel.

Brown McFarlane, within the past 10 years, has gone from a domestic supplier of steel to a highly regarded International steel stockholder and distributor. One of areas of expertise is in stainless steel plate, duplex steel plate and super duplex steel plate.

Stoke City are proud to have African football players playing each week at the Britannia stadium. Equally, we are proud to have a successful South Africa division to the company. Based in Richards Bay and Johannesburg, the division stocks a range of steel plate especially for the African region. Brown McFarlane Africa (Pty) Ltd specialises in pressure vessel steel and structural plate in South Africa. The division has worked on some influential projects including;

  • John Ross Highway Bridge
  • Liquid Bulk Terminal (Richards Bay)
  • Coffer Dam (in Malawi)

As a corporation, we are immensely proud of the division and the positive effects that their projects has had on the wider geographical region.

Stoke City FC Football Kit

Front Row: Sunnyboy Nkabinde (Supervisor), Pravesh Naicker, unkown (!), Simon Xab, Hannes Visser (Manager).

Football is the most watched sport amongst the staff at Brown McFarlane Africa. Supervisor at Richards Bay, Sunnyboy Nkabinde explained “football and rugby are the most watched sports amongst the staff at Brown McFarlane Africa. However since the World Cup the Rugby fans have all been converted to Football fans. The whole Country is happy to see our favourite African football players playing each week in the English Premier League”.

Stoke City FC, since gaining entry, into Europe recognises the potential of attracting new fans from across the Globe. Aware of our football crazy staff, Stoke City F.C. kindly donated their home football shirts to each staff member at Brown McFarlane Africa.

Brown McFarlane Africa Staff
Brown McFarlane Africa Staff wearing Stoke City FC shirts.

As it is difficult to get hold of Premier League Football shirts in South Africa, the football shirts were well received by our staff at Brown McFarlane Africa. The kind gesture further cements the relationship between two organisations. Nevertheless, it is a move that has been successful to Stoke City FC as they gain new fans from the South Africa region.

The red and white stripes of Stoke FC clearly stand out from inside the African steel warehouses. Ironically, Brown McFarlane now has more Stoke City fans in their African offices than they do in their local Stoke-on-Trent offices.

Barry Morse (Global CEO of Brown McFarlane) noted, “South Africa is an important region to us. We have been informed about a local football team that currently doesn’t have a football kit. Working closely with Stoke FC we are looking to donate more football shirts to the local community in the near future. Brown McFarlane has many friends in the local communities and we would like to help them out as much as possible”.

The Stoke City FC sponsorship has been fantastic for Brown McFarlane. The brand exposure has been vast and the agreement goes beyond the visual advertising banners at the Britannia Stadium.  The steel specialists have been featured in Stoke City’s official match day programme and have also sponsored the official match day football.

Brown McFarlane is honoured to sponsor Stoke City FC for the 2011/12 season. Separately, Brown McFarlane and Stoke City FC show the World their individual expertise. Yet, by partnering together both organisations have an even brighter future.

Adopting the Stoke-on-Trent motto: Vis Unita Fortior (United strength is stronger).



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