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Exova Corrosion Centre: Testing Metals in Stressful Environments

Brown McFarlane’s customers around the world are working to such stringent material specifications that they often require additional chemical and mechanical tests to be carried out on the steel plates that they buy. Brown McFarlane will not compromise on quality and so has forged a strong relationship with Exova Materials Testing which is a global provider of laboratory testing to many of the world’s most innovative companies. The companies share a common link in that both are heavily involved in servicing the oil and gas industry. We were especially delighted that Exova Materials Testing recently arranged to conduct two training sessions specifically for Brown McFarlane staff at their laboratory in Dudley.

Exova’s site at Dudley includes the Exova Corrosion Centre, a world leading laboratory in the testing of pipeline materials in sour service (Hydrogen Sulphide) environments. It is managed by Dr Chris Fowler who is a recognised international authority in sour service corrosion testing and also holds the post of President of NACE. Brown McFarlane is heavily involved in supplying carbon, alloy and stainless steel plate for sour service applications meeting NACE standards and during the training particular attention was given to the corrosive effects of H2S on steel plate simulating hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and sulphide stress corrosion cracking (SSCC).

Andrew Webster, Managing Director of Brown McFarlane’s International Business, said “It is particularly important for our employees to have a full understanding of the products they sell and we pride ourselves at being the best in our field when it comes to supplying material for critical applications in that we provide not only sales advice but also full technical support. As a stockholder of HIC resistant steels such as Industeel’s HIC Carelso Premium + as well as stainlessduplex and super duplex steel plate, our staff need to have a complete understanding of how these products are manufactured, tested, and behave in stressful environments. The training sessions at Exova, who probably have more expert knowledge at their fingertips than any other test house, are invaluable”.

Brown McFarlane is extremely grateful to Exova for its support and passes on a very special thank you to Perry Mansell of Exova for his role in helping to impart the knowledge he has gained over many years of working at the top of his industry.

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