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State of the Art Cutting Machinery Installed

Production cutting will commence within days on the latest addition to Brown McFarlane’s comprehensive range of steel plate processing equipment at its Stoke on Trent service centre.

The newly installed Esprit Viper machine, representing a total investment of £200,000, has been purchased to help Brown McFarlane keep pace with demand as its project management services continue to attract increasingly large and complex orders. The machine increases the company’s cutting capacity allowing a better service to be offered to its customers.


The new machine also features Hypertherm’s patent-pending True Hole technology which produces spectacular results when cutting holes of 25 mm diameter and below. This cutting technology is delivered automatically without operator intervention when smaller holes are to be cut and produces holes with diameter to plate thickness ratios as low as 1:1.

The picture below shows holes of 10 mm, 12.5 mm, and 15 mm diameter, and a slot 12.5 mm across, cut from 12.5 mm thick plate. The piece was cut in our works on the machine pictured above. The cut finish has not been dressed or tidied in any way demonstrating the superior finish and accuracy available. The picture also shows lines which have been “drawn” on the plate using the machine allowing us, for instance, to mark pieces with bending lines for subsequent fabrication.


Brown McFarlane will be able to use this technology to offer a new range of precision cutting services to its customers which can save them time and money by reducing the need for secondary operations in their works. The company intends to stay at the forefront of high quality plate processing and will continue to improve and expand its services.

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