Brown McFarlane holds an extensive stock range of hydrogen induced crack resistant steel plates or HIC plates as they are more commonly known. These plates are manufactured for us by Industeel, a company within Arcelor Mittal, with the brand name CarElso HIC Premium+.

CarElso HIC Premium+ is available directly from the manufacturer but when requirements are smaller or are needed very quickly it is necessary to have a distributor to supply the product from stock. Brown McFarlane is an Industeel-authorised stock supplier of CarElso HIC Premium+ and, with plate stocks from 6 mm to 120 mm thick based in the UK, the port of Antwerp, and in Dubai, it can supply the right plates at the right time anywhere in the world. Compatibility with the world’s most frequently requested HIC specifications ensures that there is no need for costly and time consuming additional testing: the plate is off the shelf and ready to use.

Available Specifications

CarElso HIC Premium+ is produced for Brown McFarlane to the following steel specifications and grades - more information on a grade can be seen by clicking on it:

ASME SA516 Grade 60            ASME SA516 Grade 65        ASME SA516 Grade 70

ASTM A516 Grade 60               ASTM A516 Grade 65           ASTM A516 Grade 70

In combining these steel specifications with the CarElso HIC Premium+ manufacturing process Brown McFarlane offers ex-stock availability of steel plates that meet the world's most stringent HIC standards.

Manufactured - not just tested

With so many of the fabrications produced from HIC steel being used in such critical applications it is essential to be certain that the steel used is fit for purpose. CarElso HIC Premium+ has been produced with the sole intention of being HIC resistant: a plate with the same properties throughout every millimetre of thickness and every square metre of area.

It is possible to take test pieces from an "ordinary" plate and subject them to rigorous and exhaustive HIC testing. If the right pieces are selected it is more than likely that they will pass the tests and can be described as HIC resistant. But just because the test pieces have passed does this mean the plate they came from is HIC resistant? It might but can anyone be entirely certain that the whole of the rest of the plate is completely the same as the test piece particularly when the plate has not been made with the intention of it being HIC resistant?

For more detail on the importance of this subject see our Carelso HIC Premium+ technical page.

More information

More details on CarElso HIC Premium+ or on ASME SA516 and ASTM A516 can be found by:





Brochure Download

Hydrogen Induced Crack Resistant Steel Plate pdf

A complete range of mill guaranteed HIC resistant plate from 6-105mm thick in plates up to 14m x 4m. 

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CarElso HIC Premium + pdf

Illustrates our range of CarElso ®HIC Premium+ with thicknesses from 8mm to 105mm. 

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