RQT 701 Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate

RQT® 701 is one of the grades in the RQT® range of high strength quenched and tempered structural steel manufactured by Tata Steel which is one of Europe's largest steel makers. It is a steel that combines high yield and tensile strengths with good notch toughness and excellent weldability and has a minimum yield strength of 690 MPa. The steel is very similar in its properties to the European steel specification EN 10025 S690QL.

The steel has been developed for use in applications such as mining and quarrying, process industry, material handling, construction, and earth moving. Designers, engineers, and plant operators strive to reduce weight and increase the efficiency of equipment. There are significant benefits to be had by using high strength quenched and tempered steels for maximum structura performance in extreme working environments.

We often find that this type of material is called different things by different engineers. Plate to this specification and grade is variously described as:

  • High Strength Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate
  • High Yield Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate
  • High Strength Structural Steel Plate,
  • High Yield Structural Steel Plate
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate
  • HSLA

Brown McFarlane and RQT® 701 plate

Brown McFarlane has a trading relationship with Tata Steel in the UK that goes back more than thirty years and it is proud to be a major stockist and distributor of one of Tata's flagship brands. We hold one of the largest stocks of RQT® 701 steel plates in the UK and supply full size steel plates as well as pieces which are cut to size and shape on our computer controlled cutting machines.

Chemical Composition – RQT® 701

Content % (ladle analysis), maximum - plates from 8 mm to 130 mm thick

 C  Si  Mn  S  P  Cr
 0.20  0.50  1.60  0.010  0.025  1.00
 Mo  Nb  V  Ni  Cu  B
 0.70  0.060  0.08  1.50  0.40  0.004

Carbon equivalent values

   Maximum Ladle CEV (%)
 8 mm to 30 mm thick  0.43
 over 30 mm to 40 mm thick  0.55
 over 40 mm to 100 mm thick  0.59
 over 100 mm to 130 mm thick  0.61

Mechanical Properties - RQT® 701

8 to 70 mm thick over 70 to 130 mm thick
Minimum Yield Strength (Mpa) 690 630
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 790 - 930 690 - 930
Minimum Elongation 50 mm Guage (%) 18 18
Minimum Average Impact Energy 30 J @ -40°C 30 J @ -40°C
Minimum Individual Impact Energy 21 J @ -40°C 21 J @ -40°C

Testing is in accordance with EN ISO 6892, EN 10045. The impact test is carried out in longitudinal direction to the rolling direction. For plate thickness below 12.5 mm reduced section Charpy test pieces are used with proportionate reduction of energy values.

Fabrication of RQT 701 Steel Plate

RQT 701 steel plate can be easily welded and fabricated but its high yield strength and tensile strength compared with mild steel means that it should be treated with some caution. We have provided information which is intended as a basic guide to various fabrication methods. Please click here to view this. If you require more detailed advice on welding, machining, or forming then please contact any one of our offices.

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High Strength Q & T Steel PlateWith yield strengths up to 900n/mm2 available from stock in thicknesses from 3 to 200mm available from stock. 

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