EN 10025 S890QL


In Europe the structural steel specification EN 10025 includes a range of high strength quenched and tempered steel grades within Section 6 and the designation S890QL gives the parameters for steel with a minimum yield strength of 890 MPa.

This type of steel which is well over three times the strength of a basic S275 structural steel is still relatively easy to weld and fabricate. It is becoming increasingly popular with engineers and designers looking to exploit its strength to weight ratio. Use of S890 steel will ensure higher payloads for lifting and transportation equipment. A lighter truck body will allow more material to be carried while lifting booms on can be made much longer.

S890 steel is used in applications such as cranes (mobile and loader), aerial platforms, load handling equipment, bridges, and special containers.

We find that the category of steel plate that EN 10025 S890QL falls into is called different things by different engineers. Plate of this type is variously described as:

  • High Strength Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate
  • High Yield Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate
  • High Strength Structural Steel Plate,
  • High Yield Structural Steel Plate
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel Plate
  • HSLA

Brown McFarlane and S890QL plate

Brown McFarlane holds a substantial stock of S890QL steel plates in the UK. These plates are frequently sold as cut to size pieces and shapes which are produced on the company's computer controlled cutting machines but plates straight from stock for fabrication by our customers are also readily available.

Chemical Composition – EN10025 S890QL  

Content % (ladle analysis), maximum

 C  Si  Mn  P  S  B  Cr  Cu  Mo
 0.20  0.80  1.70  0.020  0.010 0.005   1.50  0.50 0.70 
 N  Nb*  Ni  Ti*  V*  Zr*      
 0.015  0.06  2.0  0.05 0.12   0.15      

*There shall be at least 0.015% of a grain-refining element present. Aluminium is also one of these elements. The 0.015% applies to soluble aluminium, this value is regarded as attained if the total aluminium content is at least 0.018%.

Mechanical Properties – EN10025 S890QL

Plate Thickness


Yield Strength

ReH (MPa) 

Tensile Strength

Rm (MPa)


A5 % minimum 

Impact Strength

J, Minimum

3 to 50 890  940 - 1100 11 30 @ -40º C
> 50 to 100 830 880 - 1100 11 30 @ -40º C

The impact test is carried out in longitudinal direction to the rolling direction

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High Strength Q & T Steel PlateWith yield strengths up to 900n/mm2 available from stock in thicknesses from 3 to 200mm available from stock. 

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