Steel Supplier United Arab Emirates

We service the manufacturing industry throughout the Middle East and Indian sub continent from our strategically located logistic centres in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE.

As part of Brown McFarlane, the Global Steel Solutions Group, we have access to stocks held outside of Europe including  Dubai (U.A.E.) and Singapore, along with many other strategically located logistic centres across the world. Our long established relationships with many of the world’s major steel makers enable us to satisfy steel based projects of any size. Our project management skills can help our clients reduce their costs and workload by passing their requirements for us to satisfy.

An enhanced stock of high quality pressure vessel plate has been added to our stock range. This includes Industeel’s CarElso® HIC Premium+, a Saudi Aramco approved HIC product, in plate thicknesses from 8mm to 100mm.

We can also make use of our steel processing capacity in the UK to enable us to supply fabrications for the structural engineering, bridge building, storage tank, and renewable energy industries.

Our highly experienced sales team can help you with all of your technical queries as well as provide you with logistical solutions to get your steel to wherever it is required.

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