Brown McFarlane is really boring!

Brown McFarlane Drill Commissioned 1

We are delighted to announce the commissioning of the Messer OmniMat® L Profiler & Gas Drill machine!

The drill sees an investment of £250,000 and enables the business to now offer on site:

·         Drilling (through holes)

·         Boring

·         Counter Sinking

·         Tapped Holes (with or without counter sink)

·         Blind holes

Drilling is possible up to 34mm diameter and boring from 34mm up to 103mm diameter in plates up to 160mm thick. The drill also meets the no heat requirements of EN1090 (Execution class 3 and 4) and with 12 multi change drill options, Brown McFarlane has ensured we can meet the exacting requirements of our customers.

As well as drilling, the newly commissioned machine can also offer gas cutting with up to 6 torches, capable of processing plates up to 450mm thick, 4.2m wide and 16m long  - this complements the existing drilling capability.

The new drill adds to an already impressive range of processing options and cements Brown McFarlane’s position as leaders in steel plate profiling. We also offer laser cutting, water jet cutting, oxy gas cutting, plasma cutting and bevelling all at our Stoke On Trent processing facility.

With over 9,000 tonnes of steel plate in stock at any one time we can offer an astounding range of grades, thicknesses, lengths and widths. From commodity grades to specialist Stainless steels and chemically complex HIC Steels, Brown McFarlane has it all!

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