“No Mr Bond, I expect you to die”

And so James would have if Goldfinger had left the process in the capable hands of a Brown McFarlane laser operator, but he took his eye off the ball and the rest is history!

Durma 10 KW Fibre Laser2

Apologies for this somewhat contrived introduction to our latest game-changing acquisition, the Durma 10 KW Fibre Laser. Installed last Autumn and operational since December, this state of the art plate cutter has placed Brown McFarlane in the vanguard of global laser technology. If there was ever a case of when size matters, this is it. Capable of handling 12000mmx3000mm plates, it is one of the largest and most powerful machines of its generation, capable of cutting 30mm thick stainless steel to tolerances of +/- 0.5mm and of achieving speeds of 14000mm per minute when processing 5mm thick material. Loading and unloading the cutting bed is expedited by the presence of a full size (12000mmx3000mm) shuttle table which reduces downtime to the bare minimum and therefore, logically, increases available cutting time proportionally.

Durma 10 KW Fibre Laser3

Of course, equipment of this nature does not come cheap and coupled with the requisite warehouse extension, substantial civil works and the reconfiguration of  Ladywell Works an investment of well into seven figures was required. Further testimony to Brown McFarlane’s commitment to continuous improvement and maintaining its position as the market leader in heavy plate profiling.

Alas poor Auric, if his machine had exhibited the same efficiencies as ours he might have achieved his golden goal!