Introduction of Laser Cutting

laser cut piece of metal

The BySprint Pro offers an exciting range of new technologies that the company will now be able to offer to customers. Able to deliver pin point accuracy, laser profiling has never been so precise! This ensures that customers receive perfect profiles to their exact bespoke needs.

With a low thermal influence, laser machining allows a reduction in work piece contamination. With little to no heat affected zones, this prevents any issues with welding on possible brittle areas.

As well as being accurate and efficient, our laser cutting is reliable and fast. Enabling multiple cuts to be made in one motorised process, Brown McFarlane can produce ready to use products straight from the laser bed. With no need for any secondary machining, customers can receive their profiles even quicker with our laser machine.

Brown McFarlane will be able to use this technology to offer a new range of precision cutting services to its customers which can save them time and money by reducing the need for secondary operations in their works.

The company intends to stay at the forefront of high quality plate processing and will continue to improve and expand its services. With regular training and state of the art machinery, customers can be assured of Brown McFarlane’s cutting abilities.

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