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Brown McFarlane Precision Engineering

Due to Brown McFarlane’s continual growth and commitment to providing our customers with an integrated, turnkey solution for carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steels and grinding steels, we have recently expanded our service offering with the inclusion of a specialist precision engineering facility. The new facility contains 41 machines capable of producing high-quality steel products.

Precision Engineering Processes and Capabilities

precision engineering capabilities

Brown McFarlane is a leading supplier and stockholders of a huge range of steel and steel plate for industrial and commercial applications, with superior plate cutting and processing capabilities. Added to our current service offering, our added machining capabilities now enable us to cut and shape steel according to your drawings. Our machining processes include milling, drilling, grinding, tapping, horizontal or vertical boring and surface grinding.

  • CAD: Both 2D and 3D CAD work

  • Milling: Our CNC milling machines, centre lathes and horizontal and vertical machining centres are capable of machining steel sheet and steel plate up to 5.5m long and 1.1m wide, whether they are tubes, castings, diameters or rectangles.

  • Drilling: Our hydraulic and mechanical radial drills are capable of drilling and boring steel plate up to 200mm thick.

  • Weld preps: Plates up to 5.5mtr long and in a wide range of thicknesses.

  • Tapping & counter sinking: We have a series of mills and tapping machines capable of tapping steel sheets and plates to your design specifications. These same machines can also offer counter sunk holes should they be required.

  • Boring (Horizontal and Vertical): Our precision cutting tools, lathes, horizontal and vertical mills are capable of boring to a fine and precise finish. The particular boring process will be determined by your requirements and the size of the cut piece.

  • Surface grinding: Our surface grinders are used on all types of steel with a number of techniques available to create the necessary surface to your requirements or as laid out in your concept design.

  • Wire erosion: Intricate cutting on small material – excellent for the removal of jammed parts. For example, a drill piece in a gear box

  • Cleaning of machined parts to put back in to service.

  • Work in a wide range of materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, ceramics.

Precision engineering at work