Corporate Responsibility

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The primary aim of any commercial enterprise is to ensure that it generates sufficient profits both to provide an acceptable return on its shareholders’ investment and to allow it to expand and grow.

However the Directors of Brown McFarlane are very aware that their responsibilities run much further than the pursuit of profit. The company is part of a community made up of its employees, its suppliers, its customers and its neighbours and it must do all it can to ensure the impact the business has on all of these stakeholders is positive.

Brown McFarlane is committed to a rigorous health and safety programme across all of its business units in the UK and around the world to make the working environment one that is safe and pleasant for everyone that enters one of its sites. It operates an environmental management system which seeks to reduce our energy usage, reduce waste and continuously improve our procedures to lessen the effect that our presence has on the environment. We also wish to pass on some of the benefits that we accrue through being a successful organisation to those in our community who are less fortunate than us and so work hard to support a local hospice that cares for children with shortened life expectancy and their families.

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