Defence Case Study


Human protection has become increasingly important to many of our existing international customers due to local unrest and threat of terror attacks. Increasingly we assist these customers in providing protective areas for their employees. With a history in armour plate provision for personnel carriers Brown McFarlane are an obvious and capable supply choice.

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Nuclear Case Study


Nuclear plants operating beyond design life encourage innovation and require to meet the highest standards to continue to operate. Our wide experience and ability to collaborate in innovation is greatly appreciated by our customers in this sector, both small and large.

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Offshore Oil & Gas Case Study


A large exploration company operating in the north sea discovered cracks in a pipeline at the onset of winter. The right specialist material needed to be supplied quickly to effect repair to maintain output at a high demand part of the year and before the winter weather worsened and repair opportunity diminished.

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Quarrying Case Study


A customer in the quarrying and Asphalt sector was experiencing high rates of abrasion in aggregate dryer drums. This was leading to increased downtime for refitting and lost production, and of course the higher the demand for their product the higher the incidence and effect of disruption to this ideally 24/7 process.

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Recycling Case Study


A customer in the glass recycling sector was looking to us to help reduce rates of abrasion rates in the plant handling cullet (broken glass). They wanted to reduce downtime for refitting and improve production plant availability, thus reducing overall operating costs. We had previously helped with lining kits for the sites cyclones with great success.

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Renewables Case Study


A customer in the wind turbine sector required 15 wind turbine towers supplied in sections for offshore placement in the north sea. Commencement of the project had already been delayed by uncertainty about energy contract prices. Delivery dates would also be key as weather could be a disrupting factor in construction.

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