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Brown McFarlane is one of the longest established steel distributing and processing businesses in the UK and has developed into one of Europe’s premier steel plate companies. The Company is still family owned and independent, trading with customers around the … Continue reading

A pressure vessel is a sealed container designed to hold liquids or gases at a certain pressure that is significantly different from the ambient pressure. High chemical process efficiency is vital for manufacturers of pressure vessels for cost reasons. Large … Continue reading

Abrasion is the process in which a material begins to scratch, scuff or rub away. This is usually an undesirable effect caused by regular use or exposure to the elements; although it can also be intentionally imposed in a controlled … Continue reading

Plasma cutting is a popular cutting method used to cut metals such as steel and aluminium. To understand the process properly, we must first recognise what plasma actually is. Plasma is one of the four primary states of matter – … Continue reading

Spectacle blinds are safety devices used to quarantine sections of a line or a section of equipment in the event that either may require inspection or need to be disconnected. Unlike a typical valve, a spectacle blind acts as a … Continue reading

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International Sales Executive Department: Commercial Reporting to: Regional Commercial Manager Brown McFarlane Group The Brown McFarlane Group operates on an International platform with its head office residing in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. With commercial teams focused upon regions around the world, skilled … Continue reading

The start of the 1970′s marked a new era for stainless steel when sculptors & artists around the world began to use the alloy for their sculptures. Stainless steel is particularly well suited for use in outdoor sculptures due to … Continue reading

Duplex steels are grades of the metal that combine the features of stainless chrome steels and stainless chrome nickel steels. They have remarkable advantages such as increased strength, good weldability and high resistance to various types of corrosion. In the … Continue reading

What is Stainless Steel World?  Stainless Steel World (SSW) is a bi-annual international conference and exhibition for the stainless steel industry. This year the conference and exhibition returns to Maastricht in the Netherlands. The exhibition provides stainless steel professionals with … Continue reading

The 14th Asian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition (OGA 2013) closed its doors at 5 p.m. on Friday 7th June ending the hugely successful three day exhibition.  Attendance figures this year have been confirmed as 22,049 trade visitors (up … Continue reading