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  • Still part of the 300 series family of stainless steels, 304H is produced for service in elevated temperature environments. One of the main benefits of 304H versus the standard 304/304L material is that the higher carbon content which results in increased tensile and yield strength.

  • Grade 304H is a fully weldable material under conventional welding procedures and although it is a tough austenitic stainless it will respond well when machined.

    Brown McFarlane’s recent success of supplying 304H material into a major UK based Oil & Gas refinery (Essar Stanlow) has prompted the addition of the material to our regular stock programme.
    If you would like further information regarding the properties of 304H or have any other questions, please feel free to contact Brown McFarlane’s stainless division.

  • Size range

    Plate thickness : 5mm to 35mm

    Max plate width : up to 2500mm

    Max plate length : up to 12000mm


  • Pressure vessels
  • Breweries
  • Chemical sector
  • Piping
  • Fittings
  • Flanges


Grade Chemical Analysis (%) PREN Mechanical Properties
C Cr Ni Mo Proof Stress Tensile Elongation
304H 0.05 18.1 8.3 19 290 600 55

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