Here at Brown McFarlane, we are the company is able to offer some of the best steel profiling services in the world from our state-of-the-art processing centre in Stoke-On-Trent.
We offer numerous steel profiling options from oxy propane gas and high definition plasma, to water jet cutting. The available profiling equipment enables us to cut the largest plate dimensions to size, in thicknesses up to 400mm and weights up to 30 tonnes.

The Infinity skew plasma cutting head technology ensures we continue our mission to make the latest profiling methods readily available to our customers. This strengthens our ability to support both the highest quality standards and further improve our very short delivery times from order. Working with our team of quality assured subcontractors we can provide you with parts ready for final assembly. One order and a single point of contact at Brown McFarlane take the problem from your desk and provide you with a complete supply chain.
Brown McFarlane prides itself on being able to help its customers. Whatever your requirement for processed plate, our range of plate profiling cutting equipment ensures we can offer exactly what you require. Click below to make an enquiry today


Brown McFarlane sub-contract all painting requirements, ensuring that shot blasting and weldable primers such as zinc phosphorus are used. These combined remove any imperfections within the steel, leaving a smooth surface. Rusting is also prevented while still being able to work with the products.

Plate rolling

Plate etching

Brown McFarlane have three different ways of creating markings on plates. Usually done for identification of individual plates or for future reference to process plates, we can hand stamp each plate. We also offer the ability to etch a marking on each plate via our Viper cutting machine or our S.I.C machine to ensure a higher quality, more permanent mark

Surface grinding

Surface grinding removes any imperfections from the surface of the steel plate such as rust, while creating a smooth canvas to work with. Often used to create bespoke thicknesses that would otherwise be unavailable, precision engineers can be assured that our surface grinding can be to +/- 0.1mm to the thickness

Plate bevelling

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