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Brown McFarlane holds large stocks of steel plates distributed from strategic locations around the world enabling us to supply a full range of quality assured steels at very short notice. Intelligent market monitoring ensures that sufficient stock of particular steels in various markets is available at all times.

  • Steel Direct from Manufacturers

    We are able to offer fast track deliveries and access larger than normal allocations of steel plates due to our strong relationships with the leading major European steel mills. In this way we can assist our customers with projects requiring large quantities of steel and bespoke requirements.
    We offer technical advice and support to assist you to meet the most demanding of client specifications and our liaison with mill production and progress departments ensures that you are kept up to date with the status of your orders.

  • Project Management

    Our trained project management team has been involved in projects in the U.K. and worldwide in such areas as the nuclear industry, wind tower production, and tank farm installation. The Brown McFarlane approach provides a single point of contact to our customers guaranteeing them a “hands on” management strategy throughout all stages of their project right from the initial formulation of a project plan through to the final hand over of the complete project with a full documentation pack.

  • Logistics

    With more than 100 years experience of moving steel and equipment around the U.K. and across the world we are able to offer our customers assistance and support in getting their steel to the right place at the right time. We have delivered small cut pieces weighing a few kilograms by courier, steel plates weighing several tonnes by air, and two thousand tonne shipments to the other side of the world. In short, whether it be by road, sea, or air, whether it is a domestic or international shipment, or whether it is small or large, we have almost certainly done something similar already and can help you by doing it again.

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