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BS 1501 224 490B LT50 Pressure Vessel Steel Specification

  • The grade BS 1501 224 490B LT50 shows that the steel will have a minimum tensile strength of 490 N/mm2 (490), has elevated temperature properties reported (B), and has low temperature impact properties specified at -50 deg C (LT50).

  • Although it is not uncommon to see this on steel company web sites, any suggestion that one steel specification and grade is an equivalent to another should be treated with caution. This is because of differences in the methodology and techniques used for testing.

    However, BS 1501 224 490B LT50 is broadly similar to the following steel specifications:
    ASME SA516 Gr. 70
    EN 10028:3 P355NL2

    Plates certified to these standards are held in stock by Brown McFarlane.


  • Boilers
  • Calorifiers
  • Dished ends
  • Flanges


Minimum impact values for BS 1501 224 490B LT50

Room temp                     0°C                              -20°C                                  -30°C                                   -40°C                                       -50°C

61J min                           55J min                        45J min                              41J min                                31 J min                                   27 J min


Please see below table detailing tensile requirements for BS 150 224 490B LT50

Plate thickness Tensile RM Yield RE Elong.A
over 3mm to 16mm 490-610N/mm2 325N/mm2 min 21% min
over 16mm to 40mm 490-610N/mm2 315N/mm2 min 21% min
over 40mm to 63mm 490-610N/mm2 305N/mm2 min 20% min
over 63mm to 100mm 490-610N/mm2 * 19% min
over 100mm to 150mm 490-610N/mm2 * 19% min
*The value of yield strength for plates over 63 mm thick shall be the values specified for plates of thickness between 40 mm and 63 mm reduced by 1% for each 5 mm or part thereof increase in thickness over 63 mm.

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