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About EN 10025:3 S460N Steel Plate

  • The specification EN 10025:3 covers weldable structural steels manufactured with a fine grain structure and supplied in the normalised condition or in an equivalent condition obtained by normalised rolling. There are four grades of EN10025:3 steel plate, (S275, S355, S420 and S460) these indicate each grade’s minimum yield strength (in MPa) for plates 16 mm thick and below. Each grade is further sub-divided based on the specified minimum value of impact energy at a particular temperature. N indicates temperatures not lower than -20 deg C and NL not lower than -50 deg C.
    The designation EN 10025:3 S460N shows that this is steel for structural purposes (S) with minimum yield strength of 460 MPa (460) which is impact tested at -20 deg C (N).
    As well as S460N we are stockists of plates to EN 10025:3 S460NL.


  • Bridges
  • Grouted tees/grouted sleeves
  • Pipe caps/pipe fittings
  • Pipe lines
  • Plate girders
  • Pressure vessels
  • Road tankers


Impact energy values for the normalised condition

-50°C -40°C -20°C -10°C 0°C +20°C
40 J min 43 J min 47 J min 55 J min


Impact energy values for the normalised condition



-50°C -40°C -20°C -10°C 0°C +20°C
20 J min 24 J min 27 J min 31 J min

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