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Infinity Plasma Contour Bevelling & Mechanical Bevelling

  • Our Messer Omnimat with infinity skew bevel head machine with a 4.75 meter wide, 24 meter long bed, satisfies our customer demand for increasingly large and complex profile orders in thicknesses up to 60mm:

    Up to 60mm for straight line cutting.

    Up to 45mm depending on the angle of the bevel.

  • This consolidates our position as a top class premium supplier but markedly improving it. Not only does it put at the forefront of current profiling technology but demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide our customers globally with the best possible processes, service and steel grades available.
    Brown McFarlane will also use this technology to offer a new range of process precision cutting services to its customers which will save them time and money by reducing the need for labour intensive secondary operations in their works. The company continues to stay at the forefront of high quality plate processing and continues to improve and expand its services with continual development of processes, equipment and skills.

  • The contour plasma cutting machine features infinity skew head technology through a Kjellberg fine focus 440i, enabling hi-definition cutting, efficient material use, less scrap and a fast turnaround for customers. The cutting thickness ranges from 1mm to 100mm with a tolerance of +/-1 mm. The machine is able to handle a maximum plate width of 4750 mm and maximum plate length of 24000 mm. All of this combined gives Brown McFarlane the capability to produce highly complex profiles that include multiple various sized holes, slots, counter sunk holes and superior bevels on radiuses, diameters and any non-standard shapes both internally and externally, in a single automated operation there are 3 different kinds.

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