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  • Water Cutting for Steel

    Waterjet cutting is an industrial process that allows the user to cut a variety of different materials, including steel. This is done by using only a high-pressured jet of water or a mixture of water and an abrasive material. The latter is used more commonly for harder materials, such as metal and granite.
    This process is often used during the manufacturing of machine parts and is preferred over other processes when the work piece is sensitive to high temperatures.

  • What are the benefits of Water Jet Cutting?

    Waterjet cutting has endless possibilities, allowing the user to bring their ideas and designs to life with relative ease. This process also emits minimal hazardous materials, making it more friendly for the environment, your work space and customers.
    With no heat affected zone, extremely high tolerance control and a jet width of around 1.2mm in diameter; this process allows us to cut some incredibly intricate designs into steel and other materials. The subsequent clean edges require minimal finishing or no finishing at all.

  • Our Water Jet Cutting Technology

    Here at our processing facility in Stoke-on-Trent, we are able to use our latest Waterjet Cutting technology in the form of two Bystronic machines. This latest, new investment enables us to cut steel plates using 2D cutting heads to open a whole new world of possible designs. Initial and final cuts, fine contours with frequent changes and corners in thick material can now be processed with greater.

Size range

Maximum bed size Maximum thickness
6000mm x 3000mm 250mm

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