Steel fabricators will need detailed drawings produced in order to carry out their project – the production of such skilled drawings is referred to as steel detailing.

What’s involved in structural steel detailing?

Structural steel detailing is carried out by a “detailer”. It’s a steel detailers job to create detailed plans for the manufacture and construction of steel components. Steel detailers will regularly work closely with engineers and architects to produce either erection drawings or shop drawings. An erection drawing is important – it provides the vital information needed to erect the steel in the correct location and also details the additional work that will need completing. This work might include welding or bolting.

Significantly, an erection drawing will not detail the specifics in terms of the fabrication of each component – this is the job of shop drawings. A steel fabricator will take the shop drawing and use it to fabricate each steel member to the correct specification. In addition, it is vital that the steel detailer complies with a set of standards when creating both shop drawings and erection drawings.

Structural steel detailers will work within a range of industries such as:

  • Offshore structures
  • General engineering
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Renewables
  • Oil and Gas

Do you need a structural steel supplier?

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