Engineering Our Future? Precisely!

stainless steel engineering

For over 30 years Brown McFarlane has recognised, emphasised and proselytized the need for and the cause of -  Added Value Services. Beginning with basic profiling carried out in-house we have expanded our offering to include sub-contracted services such as shot-blasting and painting, rolling and forming, galvanising, heat- treatment and myriad elements of machining from the humblest washer to 12000mm long bridge components. With all these services allied to our own logistics and distribution network we have become synonymous with one-stop shopping for semi- and fully- finished steel plate products.

Recently it has become apparent that the demand for machined parts has reached unprecedented levels, particularly from the construction sector as, with ever taller structures and ever more complex designs, the requirement for heavy plate fittings in high strength steels has become an imperative. It was, therefore, a moment of particular serendipity when the opportunity to purchase the assets and business of Burnac Limited, a local medium-sized machine tool engineer and a long term sub-contract partner of ours, arose last Autumn. Negotiations followed and on the 2nd of March 2020, Brown McFarlane Precision Engineering emerged. The gestation period may have been slightly protracted but the new-born was fully formed and functioning from day one. The key to this happy event was the retention of Burnac’s highly experienced and knowledgeable workforce and the large battery of machine tools which accompanied them. To be specific we can now offer, under the Brown McFarlane umbrella, milling, turning, surface -grinding, drilling, tapping, threading, countersinking, boring, wire-erosion and spark-erosion. All in all, an exceptional portfolio!

And, it must be stressed, these services are offered to all sectors of the engineering universe. From one-offs to production runs, in all shapes and sizes, our unequalled range of grades and thicknesses are available now as fully machined, ready to use precision components, complete with all relevant certification and inspection reports.

Remember the name, Brown McFarlane Precision Engineering, BMPE, Bringing Machining Par Excellence.