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ASME SA387 & ASTM A387

EN 10028-2

SA387 A387 Gr 11

SA387 A387 Gr 12

SA387 A387 Gr 22

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Brown McFarlane specialises in chrome moly plates
o Intended primarily for use in the fabrication of process equipment designed for elevated temperature service.
o Chrome moly is the most common name for this group but other names that are used include chromalloy, croalloy, and Cr-Mo (pronounced “cro-mo”).

  • Chrome Moly Plates.

    While there are various Chromium Molybdenum steel products with distinct chemical and mechanical properties, they are often categorised as a single group.
    Brown McFarlane offers Chrome Moly plates manufactured according to the following standards: ASME SA387, ASTM A387, and EN10028-2.

  • Benefits of Chromium and Molybdenum in Steel

    Adding chromium and molybdenum to steel enhances its properties, making it ideal for high-temperature applications:

    Improved High-Temperature Strength

    Chrome Moly plates maintain exceptional strength even at elevated temperatures.

    Enhanced Creep Resistance

    Molybdenum specifically improves the steel’s ability to resist creep deformation under high temperature and stress.

    Superior Harden-ability

    Chrome Moly allows for deeper hardening, leading to increased overall strength.

    Additional Benefits

    Chrome Moly also offers improved wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, while remaining relatively easy to fabricate.

    Meets leading international specifications

    Our Chrome Moly plates adhere to strict quality standards, including ASTM/ASME SA/A 387 (Gr. 5 Cl. 2, Gr. 11 Cl. 2, Gr. 12 Cl. 2, Gr. 22 Cl. 2) and BS EN 10028-2 (16Mo3, 13 CrMo Si 5-5, 13 CrMo 4-5, 10 CrMo 9-10).

  • Unmatched Availability and Quality

    At Brown McFarlane, we offer exceptional accessibility and quality control for your Chrome Moly plate needs:

    Extensive Stock: Our UK service centre in Stoke-on-Trent houses a vast inventory of Chrome Moly plates, ensuring many sizes and specifications are readily available.

    Custom Cutting and Fabrication: Need specific dimensions or shapes? We offer custom cutting services to meet your exact project requirements. All work adheres to our ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

    Reliable Sourcing: We source our Chrome Moly plates from the world’s premier steel manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality materials. Our rigorous supplier selection process guarantees consistent performance.

    Fast Track Delivery: Our established partnerships with leading European steel mills allow us to source non-stock or custom sizes directly from the manufacturer. This often translates to faster delivery times compared to standard mill lead times.

    Global Delivery Network: No matter your location, Brown McFarlane’s experienced logistics team can efficiently deliver your Chrome Moly plates anywhere in the world.


  • Boilers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Flanges
  • Valves
  • Ducting
  • Pipe supports

Size range

Thickness Widths Lengths
6mm to 100mm 2000mm, 2500mm up to 12000mm

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