Steel Plate Drilling Services

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Steel Plate Drilling Services

Messer OmniMat® L Profiler Gas & Drill Machine

Brown McFarlane is delighted to introduce the latest addition to its range of steel processing options; a fully CNC enabled Messer OmniMat® L Gas Profiler and Drill Machine. See more below…

 ·         Inline gas profiling and mechanical drilling of steel

·         Gas cutting up to 450mm with up to 6 torches

·         Drill up to 34mm dia / 34-103mm dia bore cut and bore in steel plate up to 150mm thick

·         Drill mild steel up to 600n/mm2 UTS & 1.4301 and 1.4404

·         Drill machine meets “no heat” requirements of EN1090 execution classes 3 and 4

·         Countersunk holes available

·         12 x multi change drill options

·         Gas 4.2m wide – length to 16m


The Process

Steel plate drilling is a cold cutting process that utilises a drill bit in order to cut or enlarge a small circular hole within a solid work-piece. The drill bit will typically be a multi-point rotary cutting tool, which is pressed against the steel and rotated at thousands of revolutions per minute. This action forces the cutting edge away from the material and removes any chips from the hole as it is drilled. A drilled hole is largely characterised by the sharp edge on the entrance side.

Drilling larger holes into steel plate is also available from Brown McFarlane upon request.