CarElso HIC Premium+

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Tenemos una gama completa de chapas CarElso HIC Premium + especificamente fabricada para resistir al agrietamiento inducido por hidrógeno (HIC)

  • Cumple las especificaciones de acero para vasos de presión de las principales empresas del sector de petroleo y gas como Petrobras N1706, Saudi Aramco 01-SAMSS-016, EEMUA 179, Axens IN-43, Shell MESC 74/125 e Shell DEP
  • Cumple los requirimientos de las normas internacionales ACE MR0175/ MR0103/ ISO 15156-2.
  • Asegurado por el fabricante de chapas HIC para vasos de presión y disponible en una amplia variedad de dimensiones hasta 200mm de espesor, 4000mm de ancho y 14000 de longitud.

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Supply Conditions

General Supply Conditions

Normalized 920°C. The material surface is shot blasted to SA 2.5, with low-stress die stamping at two locations: head and foot of plate. In addition, material has identification paint markings on one end and shipping marks. Plates have continuous brand marked on the two long edges.


  • High Definition Plasma: 16m x 4m
  • Oxy/Propane: 50m x 6m
  • Plate Rolling/Dished Ends



Ultrasonic testing control as per SA 578 level C with +75mm pitch scanning and +100mm² max defect area.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical and HIC tests after simulated PWHT at 610°C (2 min/mm). Ambient tensile properties as per standard.
Charpy impact test longitudinal and transverse direction

  • At -51°C for thickness <= 25mm (20J average /16J individual)
  • At -46°C for thickness >25mm (41J average /34J individual)

Chemical Properties

Max Ceq 0.41% <= 50mm, 0.43% > 50mm
Max S  0.001%, P  0.008%, Nb  0.015%, V  0.005%, O  0.002%

All material is made with an Electric Arc Furnace, fully killed, vacuum degassed, with fine grain.

Available Sizes

ASME/ASTM SA/A 516 Grades 60/65/70

6/8/10/13/16/20/25/30/35/40mm 12000mm 2000/2500/3000mm
45/50mm 9000mm 2500/3000mm
55/60/65mm 7000mm 2000/2500
70/75/80mm 7000mm 2000/2500mm
90-200mm 6000mm 3000mm